Monday, March 26, 2012

It's not the media blackout, STUPID!!

I am not sure of the statistics of how many Americans are really, truly stupid. “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” states Forrest Gump. What qualifies for a person to be clinically stupid? Is it not being able to read, write, or do arithmetic? Is it a lack of common sense? Could it be a clinical diagnosis?  Is it a conspiracy theory that we should research? Stupid scientists stating that it may be so many prescription drugs being prescribed for clinically diagnosed Stupid People? Could it have something to do with the quality of a state funded education? If you are reading this article, consider yourself blessed that you don’t really need to be concerned, or do you? Maybe I need to be concerned? Let’s hope not. However, being one of the few smart individuals of the non-drug induced, educated Americans that can still have the skill set of being able to critically think, we can come together to this profound reality: that indeed the fall of the republic is notbecause of the media blackout taking place. It is because WE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN DECLARED OFFICIALLY STUPID!

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